‘Cukrászda’ of Budapest

24 thoughts on “‘Cukrászda’ of Budapest”

  1. This is such a perfect one .. Apparently I donot read blogs but this blog made me write one .. 😊🤗 such an inspired traveller you are , I literally could sense how much this trip meant to you and the experience you had. Well done baby, keep inspiring the world 😘 I am glad you have the best memories for life and much more to come 😊 keep writing ✍️ and be the movtivated as always ! Love you !

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  2. Thanks Yoshita for the most informative post. Is there anything else left to see there when I actually travel there. HaHa – just kidding. For sure it’s in my wish list 😁 Take care and keep blogging..I like it 😁

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  3. Good one Yoshi… Hope to travel to these places soon… Explore new places and please continue to give us a virtual tour of these places literally felt I was there with u when I read this blog… Keep it coming

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